"If I can help one person from experiencing what I have been through
then everything I've been through has been worth it."
Jon Patrick Hyde on why he founded Summit4CAD
An Introduction to Summit4CAD

Summit4CAD, Inc. is a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation located in Santa Barbara, California. It was founded in 2017 by Jon Patrick Hyde after his experience with undiagnosed and untreated Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

Many adults live with CAD for years with little or no symptoms and they learn of their condition after experiencing a "surprise" heart attack.  Of the estimated 735,000 people who will experience first heart attacks this year an estimated 325,000 will not survive.  Someone experiences a heart attack every 34 seconds in the USA. 

For some people, the first heart attack is more likely to be their last, said Elsayed Z. Soliman, M.D., M.Sc., M.S., director of the Epidemiological Cardiology Research Center (EPICARE) at Wake Forest Baptist. 

This is a statistic that Jon Patrick Hyde understands well for he is one of the lucky survivors of an unexpected heart attack caused by undiagnosed CAD. 

On October 14th of 2016 Jon suffered a "Widowmaker" heart attack and survived.  90% of Widowmaker sufferers do not survive.  The remaining 10% typically do so with some form of permanent heart damage which leaves them disabled with a poor prognosis for life longevity. 

Jon did not only survive his Widowmaker but he did so with zero residual heart damage; which is so rare that there are no statistics to express how often it occurs.  It is generally accepted by medical professionals that a Widowmaker survivor will have some sort of permanent heart damage. 

CAD is the leading cause of early disability retirement in adults in the United States and costs an estimated

Through years of intense daily cycling his heart had grown "Collateral Arteries" which kept his heart muscle alive until he could be treated.  These "remodeled branches" were a direct result of his daily exercise regimen.  Without them he would have been a statistic of a different kind; every male in the past 3 generations of his family has died at an early age (less that the national average for life expectancy) from heart attacks caused by CAD. 
An Interview with Summit4CAD Founder Jon Patrick Hyde
Coronary Artery Disease is the leading cause of
death world-wide and in the USA.

A life-long dedication to cycling saved Summit4CAD founder Jon Patrick Hyde's life when he suddenly experienced a Widowmaker heart attack due to undiagnosed CAD.
The prevention of Coronary Artery Disease through education, screenings, and the promotion of healthy lifestyle choices centered around the fitness activity of cycling. 

We will accomplish this Mission:
Through the dissemination of educational materials in printed, electronic, video, and audio formats across multiple media platforms including online, social media, push, broadcast, print, and live promotional opportunities where free risk screening services will be provided. 

Summit4CAD will provide these resources at no cost. Through heavy engagement in social media and free public special events where free risk screenings will be provided, Summit4CAD will build a network designed to disseminate its message and information to as many people as possible; world-wide.   

Cycling can be enjoyed outdoors or indoors, all year-round.  It is less stressful on your joints than jogging or running and it provides a means to explore the world around you.
Summit4CAD will help reduce the number of deaths and permanent disability associated with CAD by providing free risk screenings for CAD.

Summit4CAD will become a leading source of information, inspiration,
and motivation to dramatically improve the quality of life and the overall health of those at risk of developing or currently living with CAD.

  • We believe in the sanctity of life and feel that quality of life is a key element to a person's ability to contribute value to society and the world around them. 
  • We believe that good health is vital in creating a positive quality of life.
  • We will provide honest, fact-checked, medically-sourced, verified and validated information on this website and in any other media format we disseminate information. 
  • We will never charge for information.
  • We will positively influence and motivate those we seek to assist; this will be done through an inclusive culture that is free of judgment, prejudice, and negativity.
  • We seek partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations, and businesses so that we can maintain the highest ethical and moral standards as we strive to meet make our Vision a reality.
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