"The World is made a better place one kind act at a time - each day we have a simple choice;
take a path that is self serving or take a path that will benefit those around you.

Waking up in a hospital bed after nearly dying from a totally unexpected heart attack
has a way of putting this into perspective.  I was given a second chance to
make a difference in the world with my life and I'm taking it."
Jon Patrick Hyde on what motivates him each day
Summit4CAD's Mission and Vision for the future are ambitious.  We cannot do this alone.  This is why we are looking for sponsors, donors, and volunteers to help make our goals a reality. 

All donations and gifts to Summit4CAD will be used to achieve its Mission and Vision.  This will be done in accordance to Summit4CAD's Values.  A percentage of all donations received will be presented each year to the American Heart Association for the continuation of research and prevention of CAD.

For more information regarding how you can become a donor and support Summit4CAD, please contact Jon Patrick Hyde
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