Heart Attack Myth #1 – I’m Too Young for a Heart Attack.

Heart attacks kill over 150,000 people in the USA each year.  More than 700,000 will experience a first heart attack.

Even though the average age of heart attack sufferers is 65 for men and 70 for women, this average is taken from samples of heart attack victims which range in age from their teens to their 90’s.

A recent Harvard Health Study found that 10% of heart attacks occur before the age of 45.  80% of these heart attacks are caused by CAD – Atherosclerotic blockages in coronary arteries.  The 0ther 20% can be attributed to various blood clotting disorders and congenital/structural defects of the heart.

Of the 80% who suffer heart attacks caused by CAD; 60% of these patients have blockages/disease in just ONE artery.

Another study of sudden deaths of men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 showed that half of these deaths were caused by various forms of heart disease.

Numerous studies indicate that CAD is established in childhood and teenage years and continues to worsen into adulthood.

The risk for life threatening or life ending heart attacks in men increase after age 45.  These risks for women increase after age 55.

In most cases treatment for high blood cholesterol and other heart disease risk factors could have prevented patient’s initial risk for heart attacks.

If any member of your direct family (those related to you by blood such as your mother or father or their parents) has died from or has been diagnosed with CAD – you need to discuss your potential for a higher than normal risk of CAD for yourself with a qualified health care professional.


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